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When a cavalryman's journey on this earthly plane reaches its end, a new path begins—a long march to their ultimate destination. About halfway along this solemn road lies a tranquil meadow, adorned with verdant trees and crisscrossed by babbling streams, known to those who have ridden into the great beyond as "Fiddler's Green". As they traverse this peaceful expanse, they encounter relics of their former life—a weathered canteen, a lone spur, a carbine sling—scattered amidst the serene landscape.

Continuing their journey, they arrive at a bustling field camp, where fellow troopers who have gone before them await, their presence marked by neatly arranged campfires, tents, and picket lines. Here, amidst the camaraderie of old friends, cavalrymen find respite from their eternal march. Unlike their comrades from other branches of the military, who must press on without pause, cavalrymen are granted a rare privilege—to dismount, unsaddle their steeds, and linger in Fiddler's Green.

The origins of Fiddler's Green are shrouded in mystery, though its concept has been cherished by sailors, soldiers, and wanderers throughout history. In the annals of the United States Army, its existence finds mention in tales passed down through generations.


One such account, recounted by Captain "Sammy" Pearson around a campfire in the Medicine Bow Mountains of Wyoming, speaks of this ethereal meadow where cavalrymen find solace in each other's company.

According to Pearson's tale, Fiddler's Green lies halfway down the road to Hell—a sanctuary for weary souls, where an old Army Canteen dispenses liquid solace, and the spirits of fallen troopers gather around campfires to swap stories and relive past glories. While other branches of the service march onward to their final destination, cavalrymen have the option to linger in this idyllic realm. Though some may be tempted to resume their journey, none have ever reached the gates of Hell, for the allure of Fiddler's Green beckons them back, their canteens in need of replenishment.

In this timeless tale of valor and camaraderie, Fiddler's Green stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the cavalry—a place where the grass is always green, the canteens forever full, and the bonds of friendship eternal.

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