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Police Basketball Game

Buffalo Soldiers vs San Diego Police Department. A great game full of excitement; Go Buffalo Soldiers!  We have a great relationship with our San Diego Police Department and they were laughing when I proposed the game last year.  


Did the San Diego Chapter play?  Oooh no!   We know our limitations!  We did have (5) talented young men who gracious took up the challenge and wore the Buffalo Soldiers shirts, representing the San Diego Chapter.


The Police Department team might be seasoned, but they knew how to keep up and their greatest strength was their 3-pointers, oh yeah and they can run too! We’ll meet again on June 14th to honor and pay respect to those men and women in Black who serve and protect the community at the Police Department Gala The San Diego Chapter is honored to have been selected for a fabulous event. Police 89 Buffalo Soldiers 79, but they’re all winners!  Congratulations!

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